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Organisation of School


Newminster is a 9 – 13 middle school.

There are currently 540 pupils on roll.


  • Years 5 + 6
  • In Year 5 there are 5 tutor groups.
  • In Year 6 there are 5 tutor groups.
  • In Key Stage 2 the children have most of their lessons in their tutor room.
  • We feel that allowing children to remain in their tutor room for most lessons helps them to make a smooth transition from first to middle school.


  • Years 7 + 8
  • In Year 7 there are 4 tutor groups.
  • In Year 8 there are 4 tutor groups.
  • In Key Stage 3 the children move around the school to their lessons in specialist rooms.
  • Moving around school for different lessons gives the children the responsibility of following a timetable, and we feel that this is good preparation for the high school.


   The children belong to one of 4 houses.

   Each house is identified by colour:

   Collingwood – Red

   Dacre – Blue

   Howard – Green

   Mitford – Yellow

   Various inter house competitions take place during the school year.

   Children wear a polo shirt in their house colour.