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School Profile


Newminster is a very popular and successful 9-13 middle school in the market town of Morpeth. The school has attractive grounds and good facilities which we constantly strive to improve. We are a hard working school with high standards. Our pupils are conscientious, well behaved and caring.

Newminster draws 70% of its pupils from two feeder first schools in Morpeth. An increasing number of our pupils are from out of catchment schools, however, and this reflects the popularity of our school in the local area. At present we have 540 pupils on roll.

We seek to enable every child to reach their full potential by creating the best possible learning environment. Our priority is the personal development of all of our children. We offer good support to our more vulnerable children.

Every subject benefits from specialist staff who deliver a curriculum which engages children of all abilities. Standards on entry are high, and we build on these, constantly looking at improving achievement. In 2007 our value added score was 99.3%.

In June 2006 Ofsted concluded that we were

‘………….a good school with outstanding features’