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An Agreement between Newminster Middle School and Home


Newminster Middle School shall


Provide a safe environment.


Provide each child with access to a balanced curriculum, details of which will be sent home every term and are available to view on the school website.


Ensure that, in line with high expectations, individual needs are met, full potential is realised, and appropriate achievements are recognised.


Set a homework timetable and monitor it accordingly.


Organise a wide variety of extra-curricular activities.


Anticipate regular attendance and pupils arriving at school suitably equipped.


Implement a code of behaviour which recognises and respects the rights and needs of others.


Communicate with home in relation to a child’s progress, potential problems or concerns, and general school matters.


Create a welcoming atmosphere for all Parents and Guardians and value the contribution they make.


As a Parent/Carer I/we will


Ensure that my child attends regularly, on time, and with the necessary equipment.


Have high expectations of achievement and behaviour and will support school policies.


Monitor my child’s homework.


Attend Parents’ Evenings if it is necessary and possible.


Inform the school of any concerns.


As a pupil I will


Attend regularly and have everything I need for an 8.50 a.m. start.


Wear school uniform and be well presented.


Work to the best of my ability in lessons and with my homework.


Be aware of and respect the school rules.


Respect the rights of others, both in the school and in the local community.


Inform staff of any concerns.


Pass on communications between school and home.