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Mobile Phone Policy


Student Mobile Phone Policy

Rationale: To issue clear guidance for children, parents, staff and governors on the use of mobile phones in school.

Disclaimer: The school generally discourages children from bringing mobile phones into school, but recognises that there may be occasions when a parent and child may find their use helpful to them.

The school will not take any responsibility for the loss, theft, or damage of any mobile phone or similar device brought onto the school site. Children who bring mobiles into school do so at their own risk.

Usage: The use of mobile phones should be restricted to calls off the school site.

Children must keep phones in their bag/locker and keep them switched off.

If a phone disrupts a lesson, it will be taken to the school office and kept until a parent collects it.

Children must not use mobiles either in school or in the playground.

Text Messages: Inappropriate text messages sent with the intention of causing emotional harm to the recipient will be dealt with in line with Newminster’s anti-bullying policy.

Usage off site: The school recognises that after the end of the school day there may be occasions for health and safety reasons when a child may wish to contact a parent to arrange transport home etc.

Similarly, where parents wish to change arrangements for collecting a child, a text message may be sent to the child’s mobile.