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School Uniform

All items are available from Trutex (to place an order you will need the school code: LEA00454SB) and shoul be clearly marked with the name of the owner.
  • Navy ‘V’ necked jumper
  • House Colour Polo Shirt with Motif
  • Black low heeled shoes (5cm maximum, not boots) preferably lace-ups
  • Waterproof bag for carrying books and belongings
  • Dark grey or black regulation trousers (not jeans or tight trousers)
  • Navy, black or grey socks
  • Navy skirt - Skirts must be of a reasonable length and not split (very short skirts are unacceptable)
  • Navy or black regulation trousers
  • White socks or navy or flesh-coloured tights
Practical subjects
  • Children need an apron for Technology from Year 6 onwards
  • While Science goggles are provided personal sets can be purchased from the school Stationery Shop.
  • Must NOT be worn in school.
  • However, silent watches may be worn.
  • Long hair must be plaited or tied back.
  • Ribbons and hair bands must be navy, black or white.
  • Eccentric hairstyles are not allowed, e.g. no hair braiding.
  • Must NOT be worn in school
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