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Student Voice

Student Voice 'leads the way' at Newminster.  The numerous, and ever increasing, branches of our Student Voice contribute to, and add much more to, the vibrant life of our school and community.  Currently over 100 pupils are actively involved in some way.  School Council Representatives, Student Subject Leaders, Peer Mediators, Student News Reporters, etc. are all encouraged to have their say.

Involving pupils in the decision making process is, to us, essential.  Dramatic changes have been made to the school building and outdoor environment due largely to the input and creative ideas from our increasing Student Voice.

Things are continuing to move on.  Most recently the 'whole of our student voice' population, totalling over 520, have been consulted on a number of matters, resulting in a change to our school uniform; healthy eating; Behaviour 4 Learning policy and much more.

Collaborative work with KEVI and their other feeder middle schools continues to inspire us and drive the Student Voice agenda forward.  Those students who have been given the opportunity to work with a real life 'Magna' artist, or on projects such as the 'Gobsmacked' newsletter, have grown in confidence and have enjoyed the experience immensely.  The opportunity to take part in a sponsored fancy dress fun run event, involving Newminster, Chantry and KEVI students, helped to raise enough funds to build and resource a classroom in Africa.  This was one of the high points of last year.

We are very much looking forward to being involved in the forthcoming Student Voice conference and hope that our pupils can leave with as much as they leave, and continue to 'lead the way'.